February 25, 2024

Your Daily InsurTech Briefing – 2024-02-25

Let’s see what’s in the news today. Matt Bonakdarpour takes the helm as president and CTO at Root Insurance Root, a pioneering technology firm specialising in insurance solutions and the parent entity

Ting maker chats about smart home tech with CEO Whisker Labs

Article Summary TLDR: Whisker Labs CEO, Bob Marshall, discusses smart home technology and how their product, Ting, prevents electrical fires. Ting takes 30 million electrical measurements every second, uses machine learning and AI to detect problems, and partners with insurance
February 25, 2024


“2024: Southeast Asia’s insurance trends”

TLDR: Key Points: Insurtech companies are revolutionizing the Southeast Asia insurance sector, offering innovative solutions and enhancing customer experiences. Technologies like AI and blockchain are transforming risk assessment and claims processing, improving

Your Daily InsurTech Briefing – 2024-02-23

Let’s see what’s in the news today. Geopolitical uncertainty boosts insurance technology firm Concirrus Demand is increasing for data and intelligence on shipping’s trouble spots Read the original article here ‘First-ever’ reproductive


Insurance industry in Europe ramps up digital efforts during recession.

European insurance industry accelerates digitalisation efforts TLDR: European insurance industry leaders are focusing on digitalisation initiatives amidst recession concerns. Survey by ISG shows emphasis on improving customer experiences and streamlining operations. In response to the looming threat of recession, European insurance industry leaders are




Your Daily InsurTech Briefing – 2024-02-24

February 24, 2024
Let’s see what’s in the news today. Trends shaping Southeast Asia’s insurance landscape in 2024 Insurtechs have emerged as catalysts for change, seamlessly integrating insurance into diverse platforms such as e-commerce, fintech,
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