3 InsurTech disruptors revolutionizing UAE’s insurance landscape.

April 19, 2024
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  • The InsurTech market in the UAE is growing rapidly, with many companies and startups leveraging technology to disrupt the industry.
  • InsurTech platforms use data analytics and automation to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer experiences.

The InsurTech market in the UAE is experiencing rapid growth, with several companies and startups leveraging technology to disrupt the industry. InsurTech, a combination of “insurance” and “technology,” focuses on using innovative technologies to drive efficiency and savings in the insurance sector, much like FinTech does in the finance industry.

These InsurTech platforms tackle various insurance distribution challenges by creating new distribution channels, simplifying processes, and offering personalized insurance products based on customer preferences. By automating underwriting and claims processing, InsurTechs are able to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the insurance industry.

Key InsurTech Platforms Disrupting the Insurance Industry in the UAE

  1. Click2Secure Me: Click2Secure Me is an InsurTech platform focused on helping insurers accelerate their digital transformation by providing tools to support rapid development and seamless integration with existing systems. They aim to drive business innovation through mobile and web apps.
  2. Democrance: Democrance works with insurers and insurance brokers to increase digital sales and access new markets. Their SaaS platform automates workflows and enhances digital sales mechanisms, leading to operational efficiency and increased profitability in the insurance market.
  3. Sehteq: Sehteq is a health insurance startup based in Dubai that received significant funding in 2020. They offer value-based health insurance to individuals, families, and enterprises in the UAE, with product ranges of $150-500 per member per year.

These InsurTech platforms are revolutionizing the insurance industry in the UAE by leveraging technology to improve processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation. With data analytics, automation, and personalized products, they are reshaping the way insurance is distributed and managed in the region.

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