Akur8 powers Swedbank’s insurance pricing strategy.

March 11, 2024
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Article Summary


  • Akur8, a next-generation insurance pricing solution, has been selected by Swedbank to enhance its insurance pricing process.
  • Akur8’s AI technology aims to revolutionize insurance pricing processes, improve accuracy, transparency, and efficiency in delivering a better customer experience.

Key Elements:

Akur8, driven by Transparent AI, has been chosen by Swedbank to improve its insurance pricing processes. The collaboration seeks to use Akur8’s cutting-edge AI technology to enhance accuracy, transparency, and efficiency in pricing decisions, ultimately providing a better customer experience. Akur8’s solution, tailored for insurance firms, automates risk modeling through transparent machine learning, offering enhanced predictive accuracy and faster market response times with complete visibility and control over generated models.

Juris Kipluks, Head of Underwriting at Swedbank, praised Akur8 for its functionalities and user support during the onboarding process. The collaboration signifies a significant step in the ongoing transformation of the insurance sector as modern tools like Akur8’s platform enable incumbents to boost efficiency. The partnership showcases a commitment to customer service and continuous investment in new functionalities by both Swedbank and Akur8.

Julian Frank, Client Director at Akur8, highlights the cooperation with Swedbank in advancing pricing sophistication and expanding presence in the Baltics. The close collaboration focuses on meeting technical and business requirements, promising a continued and fruitful partnership. This move aligns with the broader trend of technological innovation revolutionizing traditional industries like insurance.

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