Blue Cross joins forces with Blink Parametric to enhance Canadian travel insurance.

January 9, 2024
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  • Insurance provider Blue Cross has extended its partnership with Ireland-based insurtech Blink Parametric for another three years.
  • The partnership aims to provide real-time solutions for flight disruptions, offering stress-free travel experiences to Canadian travellers.
  • Blink Parametric specializes in providing real-time flight disruption assistance, monitoring flights and offering immediate support in cases of delays or cancellations.
  • The extended agreement is supported by Red Consulting, enhancing the efficacy of the travel assistance solutions offered.

Blue Cross, a trusted insurance provider in Canada, and Blink Parametric, an Irish insurtech company, have extended their partnership for another three years. Since October 2018, Blue Cross has been offering Blink Parametric’s real-time flight disruption assistance in eight Canadian provinces. The collaboration aims to provide real-time solutions for flight disruptions and offer stress-free travel experiences for Canadian travellers. Blink Parametric specializes in real-time flight disruption assistance by monitoring flights and providing immediate support in cases of delays or cancellations. Blue Cross, on the other hand, is known as Canada’s most trusted insurance provider, offering a range of insurance services, including travel coverage. The extended partnership is supported by Red Consulting, a leading travel consulting firm in Canada.

“Blue Cross backed us right out of the gate in 2018, and was the first brand in Canada to use our innovative platform to assist insured travellers experiencing flight delays or cancellations,” said Blink Parametric CEO Sid Mouncey. “This agreement speaks volumes for the strength of our long-term collaboration and growth over the past five years. I’m proud of the great teamwork and look forward to the next chapter of serving the Canadian market.”

Tim Bishop, Managing Director of Blue Cross of Canada, shared his excitement about continuing the successful partnership and ensuring that policy holders enjoy confidence and peace of mind while travelling. The collaboration between Blue Cross and Blink Parametric aims to address the increasing need for risk management during travel, as highlighted in the latest Blue Cross Travel Study. By offering real-time solutions for flight disruptions, the partnership aims to provide stress-free travel experiences to millions of Canadian travellers.

This extended partnership marks a significant milestone for Blink Parametric, showcasing the strength and growth of their collaboration with Blue Cross. With Red Consulting’s support, the travel assistance solutions offered by the partnership are expected to be even more effective. Both Blue Cross and Blink Parametric are committed to providing innovative and reliable travel insurance solutions and ensuring the well-being of Canadian travellers. Through their extended partnership, they aim to enhance the travel experience by offering real-time assistance and peace of mind in the face of flight disruptions.

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