Buddy & Stripe shake up insurance e-commerce with partnership revolution.

March 30, 2024
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  • Buddy and Stripe have partnered to revolutionize insurance e-commerce by introducing innovative capabilities tailored for the industry.
  • The collaboration aims to advance e-commerce in insurance by providing seamless integration of insurance products into digital transactions.

Full Article:

Buddy, a leading InsurTech, has announced a partnership with Stripe to introduce innovative e-commerce capabilities tailored for the insurance sector. The collaboration aims to advance e-commerce in the insurance industry by providing insurance companies, brokers, and distribution channels with seamless integration of insurance products into digital transactions. Buddy, as a Stripe platform partner, offers a comprehensive tech stack that empowers carriers to conduct embedded insurance commerce efficiently. With Buddy’s ION™ engine, insurance products can be rapidly indexed, making them readily available for transactions in online environments, including standalone and embedded e-commerce platforms. Leveraging Stripe’s global payments platform, carriers can embed insurance offerings within hours, facilitate multi-party payments, and optimize checkout processes using a unified tech suite.

Charles Merritt, CEO of Buddy, expressed his excitement at the news, remarking, “We are thrilled to develop with Stripe to build the future of insurance e-commerce. Our collaboration will improve access to insurance by lowering technical barriers to implementation, and we will provide a modern solution to the challenges of multi-party payments at points of sale.” This partnership underscores the shared commitment of both companies to innovation and customer satisfaction. By combining their expertise, Buddy and Stripe aim to propel the digital transformation of the insurance industry, making insurance products more accessible and convenient for consumers.

Overall, the partnership between Buddy and Stripe promises to revolutionize the insurance e-commerce sector by providing advanced capabilities and seamless integration for insurance products, ultimately improving access and convenience for consumers.

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