Chaucer Insurance teams up with Israeli tech firm for innovative insurance.

March 31, 2024
1 min read

Chaucer Insurance Partnership


  • Chaucer Insurance partners with Israeli tech firm Gabriel to introduce innovative insurance product for mass shooting events.
  • Gabriel’s technology aims to provide swift crisis response and emergency management in such critical situations.

Key Elements:

Chaucer Insurance, a specialty insurer, collaborates with Gabriel, a Tel Aviv-based technology company, to launch a unique insurance product tailored for mass shooting events. The partnership aims to provide customers with active assailant cover, benefiting from Gabriel’s crisis response expertise. Gabriel’s technology includes an incident security dashboard for quick and effective response, utilizing detection and sensor technology to send automated alerts with video footage to first responders. This innovative insurance offering covers aspects like property damage, business interruption, and liability arising from active assailant incidents. Additionally, it addresses business interruptions due to threats and loss of attraction post-incident, offering a comprehensive risk management approach.

Through this collaboration, Chaucer Insurance and Gabriel strive to offer businesses a proactive insurance solution to mitigate financial and operational impacts of mass shooting events, enhancing resilience and preparedness in facing evolving security challenges. Overall, this partnership signifies a step towards innovative risk management solutions in the insurance industry.

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