Check out aerial tech; insurance companies use it to survey properties.

March 7, 2024
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  • Insurance companies are adopting aerial technology to assess property conditions for policy renewals.
  • Aerial imagery is being used more frequently for underwriting decisions and claims processing.

Key Elements:

The article discusses how insurance companies are increasingly using aerial technology, such as birds-eye photographs collected by passing airplanes and drones, to assess property conditions for policy renewals. This trend comes as insurance providers roll out more stringent policies due to high construction costs and the effects of climate change on properties. Some insurance companies are denying policy renewals based on aerial images, leading to controversy and surprises for policyholders.

One example provided in the article is Athena Haddon, who was informed by Travelers Insurance that her slate roof needed to be replaced or else she would lose her homeowners insurance coverage. The decision was based on an aerial image of her home, which showed advanced signs of wear according to the insurance company. Haddon was shocked by the decision and the use of aerial imagery in reaching it, as she had no issues or leaks with her roof.

Industry experts suggest that the use of aerial imagery in the insurance business is not new, but companies are increasingly relying on this technology for underwriting decisions and claims processing. While larger national carriers have the budget to implement aerial technology, smaller mutual or local insurance companies may not have the funds for such projects. Despite the benefits of aerial imagery, some experts believe that the technology and quality of the imagery may not be fully developed yet.

Policyholders who face non-renewal decisions based on aerial imagery are advised to contact their agent or the company directly to address any concerns or provide evidence of repairs. While technology plays a role in assessing property conditions, human review by underwriters is still considered essential for policy decisions.

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