Chubb’s new digital platform offers lightning-fast flood insurance quotes.

April 7, 2024
1 min read


  • Chubb revolutionizes flood insurance with new self-service Flood Insurance System
  • System allows for rapid access to flood quotes in under two minutes

Chubb PRS has launched an innovative self-service Flood Insurance System aimed at streamlining the process for agents to access flood quotes quickly, specifically for low-hazard properties, in under two minutes. The new platform integrates with the Chubb Agent Portal and the Masterpiece EZ Quote homeowners platform, enhancing the personal lines business for both primary and excess flood insurance. This initiative stems from the increased need for quick and comprehensive flood protection in a time of rising flooding occurrences. Chubb aims to provide a seamless quoting experience with customizable limits up to $15m, highlighting their proactive approach to adapting to climate risks.

Chubb PRS, a global leader in insurance, is known for its risk assessment capabilities and robust financial strength. The company prioritizes fairness and promptness in claims processing. The new Flood Insurance System promises an enhanced user interface for agents and aims to educate them on flood risk mitigation. Chubb’s commitment to offering complete flood protection coverage options reflects their dedication to innovation in the insurance space. By providing faster quote generation and valuable educational resources, Chubb is setting a new standard in flood insurance services.

Overall, Chubb’s introduction of the Flood Insurance System showcases their proactiveness in responding to climate risks and their commitment to providing exceptional insurance services to clients and agents.

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