Covr Tech: The Ultimate Economic Growth Event!

January 30, 2024
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  • Covr Financial Technologies hosted an event in Hartford, Connecticut, which was attended by investors and state officials.
  • Covr aims to simplify the insurance purchase journey by leveraging data-driven insights and providing personalized solutions.
  • The event provided an opportunity for Covr to showcase its approach to transforming the insurance industry and its positive impact on Connecticut’s economy.

Covr Financial Technologies, a leader in insurance technology, recently hosted an event in Hartford, Connecticut, to showcase its growth in jobs and innovation in the state. The event was attended by State Senator John Fonfara, State Representative Holly Cheeseman, and Advantage Capital investors. Covr’s focus on simplifying the insurance purchase journey through data-driven insights and personalized solutions was highlighted during the event.

Covr’s CEO, Mike Kalen, emphasized the company’s dedication to reshaping the insurance industry and ensuring accessibility for consumers. He also mentioned that Covr is helping wealth management firms, banks, and consumer brands offer insurance to their clients in a simplified way.

The event provided an opportunity for state officials to interact with Covr’s team and witness the positive impact of the company on Connecticut’s economy. State Senator John Fonfara expressed his appreciation for Covr’s commitment to economic development in the state.

Overall, the event served as a networking opportunity and facilitated partnerships that will contribute to positive change in the insurance market and the state of Connecticut.

Covr Financial Technologies is headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, with offices in Boise, Idaho, and Houston, Texas. The company aims to simplify and enhance the insurance experience for consumers, financial advisors, and insurers through its platform and data-driven insights.

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