Cyberwrite and Howden team up to revolutionize cyber insurance.

March 24, 2024
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  • Cyberwrite has partnered with Howden to revolutionize cyber insurance by providing actionable insights into cyber threats for clients.
  • The collaboration aims to empower brokers with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively communicate cyber risks to clients and enhance cyber risk management globally.

Cyberwrite, a leading cyber insurance platform, has teamed up with Howden to transform the approach to cyber insurance by equipping brokers with insights and resources to communicate cyber risks to clients effectively. The collaboration between the two companies aims to revolutionize cyber risk management and provide comprehensive solutions to businesses worldwide. Cyberwrite specializes in providing simple cyber risk reports with insights into cyber insurance, enabling brokers to assess the likelihood of a breach and its potential economic impact. By utilizing advanced analytics AI and cutting-edge technology, Cyberwrite offers tailored recommendations for improving cyber defenses and identifying regulatory gaps, reducing the risk of a cyber breach.

Howden, a global insurance and risk advisor recognized for its expertise in broking, risk management, underwriting, and reinsurance, brings a wealth of experience and global reach to the partnership. Together, Cyberwrite and Howden will enhance cyber risk quantification and mitigation for businesses globally, providing brokers with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the evolving cyber threat landscape. This collaboration underscores Howden’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and addressing the evolving needs of clients in managing cyber risks.

Nir Perry, founding CEO at Cyberwrite, expressed excitement about the partnership with Howden, highlighting the goal to equip brokers with comprehensive AI-driven risk management solutions. Shay Simkin, Global Cyber Insurance Lead at Howden, emphasized the importance of collaboration to strengthen cyber risk offerings and enhance cyber resiliency for millions of businesses worldwide. This partnership represents a significant step towards empowering businesses to protect their digital assets and operations in the face of growing cyber threats.

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