Get six-months free cover for the latest tech glitch at Esure.

April 30, 2024
1 min read

Esure offers customers six-months free cover for latest tech glitch


Esure is offering six months of free home insurance to customers affected by a technical error that prevents them from making changes to their policy online.

  • Esure has offered six months free home insurance to customers due to a technical error.
  • Customers who renewed on 1 April can’t make claims or update their details online.


Esure has confirmed that it has offered six months free home insurance to “a small number of customers” for a “technical error”, which means customers who renewed on 1 April can’t make claims or update their details via the provider’s website. An email, sent by Esure and seen by Insurance Post , explained while customers were unable to make changes to their policy, and can only make a claim via email or phone, rather than doing so online

According to the article, only users with paid or corporate subscriptions are able to access certain content features. Customers affected by this technical glitch are urged to contact Esure for support and reassurance.

This situation highlights the importance of technical infrastructure in the insurance industry and the need for companies to quickly address and rectify any issues that may impact customer experience. Esure’s response, offering free coverage to affected customers, demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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