INSRD secures €500K Pre-Seed for innovative industry insurance solutions.

March 10, 2024
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  • INSRD, an insurtech startup in Berlin, raised €500K in a Pre-Seed round.
  • INSRD aims to provide adaptive insurance for fast-growing companies in emerging industries.

Berlin-based insurtech startup INSRD recently announced a successful fundraising round of €500K in Pre-Seed funding. The company, part of Earlybird Venture Capital’s Vision Lab Program, is focused on reinventing commercial insurance to better serve rapidly growing companies driven by innovation and facing new risk exposures.

INSRD’s founders, Stefan Balg and John Ismailoglu, emphasize the need for insurance solutions that evolve alongside companies as they grow and encounter new risks. The company’s “Protect & Connect” platform leverages advanced automation and AI to keep insurance programs current and identify and monitor new risks in real-time.

One of the key aspects of INSRD’s platform is the adaptability to changes in risk exposures, especially in industries like AI, deeptech, and robotics. Traditional insurance models are often static and fail to address the dynamic risks faced by companies in these sectors.

By offering adaptive insurance solutions, INSRD aims to bridge the gap in the market for brokers and agents, especially in Germany where the insurance industry tends to be risk-averse. The company’s vision is to revolutionize the insurance industry and make tech risks more manageable and transparent for insurers and clients alike.

With funding from ecosystem angel investors and a focus on team and product development, INSRD is poised to make a significant impact in the insurtech sector and redefine how insurance is approached in emerging industries.

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