Insurtech Roojai gets Indonesian online insurance broker Lifepal, operating from Thailand.

January 15, 2024
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  • Thailand-based insurtech Roojai Group has acquired Lifepal, an online insurance broker in Indonesia.
  • Roojai’s expertise in pricing, underwriting technology, and customer experience will enhance Lifepal’s performance.
  • Both companies will focus on expanding their product offerings and distribution channels in Indonesia.

Thailand-based insurtech Roojai Group has acquired Lifepal, an online insurance broker in Indonesia. Lifepal, with over 2 million unique visitors per month, will provide Roojai with access to the largest online distribution channel in the country. On the other hand, Roojai will enhance Lifepal’s performance through its proprietary pricing, underwriting technology, and customer experience.

Lifepal has been seeking a new investor with deep insurance knowledge, making this acquisition the perfect match for both companies. The two companies will work together to expand their product offerings and improve their online and offline distribution channels to provide comprehensive and customer-centric insurance services.

Roojai has a strong presence in Thailand, ranking as the top car insurance brand and excelling in customer experience. This success sets the stage for their expansion into Indonesia. Lifepal customers will benefit from Roojai’s competitive pricing and superior customer experience, reflecting the success they have achieved in Thailand.

Lifepal’s insurance partners will also benefit from Roojai’s expertise in digital transformation in insurance processes, such as car inspection, claim support, and portfolio sustainability strategies.

Importantly, Lifepal will operate independently from Roojai Indonesia and continue to provide online comparison services for car and health insurance. Both Roojai Group and Lifepal are committed to continuous innovation in order to offer the best customer-centered insurance services in Indonesia and the wider region.

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