Insurwave and Inigo team up for real-time Aviation War insights.

March 17, 2024
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  • Insurwave partners with Inigo to enhance real-time insights and innovation in Aviation War exposures.
  • The collaboration aims to leverage Insurwave’s cutting-edge technology and Inigo’s industry knowledge to monitor risk exposure.

Insurwave, a London-based InsurTech platform, has joined forces with UK-based insurance company Inigo to drive innovation and real-time insights in Aviation War exposures. The partnership comes at a crucial time of escalating geopolitical uncertainties and market volatilities, highlighting the importance of having a comprehensive understanding of risk exposure.

The collaboration will make use of Insurwave’s innovative SaaS platform, which offers features like live location tracking of assets through an interactive risk map. This technology enables insurers like Inigo to monitor unfolding events worldwide and receive alerts within custom search zones, empowering them to respond promptly to emerging risks.

Furthermore, Inigo plans to utilize artificial intelligence and analytics capabilities on the platform to assess potential losses and provide proactive risk prevention services to its clients. Chris Weller, Head of Exposure Management at Inigo Insurance, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating that it will enhance Inigo’s data-driven exposure management capabilities in the aviation insurance market.

Richard Archer, Insurwave’s Chief Strategy Officer, highlighted the significance of maintaining a real-time view of aggregations in the aviation insurance market. The partnership aims to unlock new insights for proactive loss prevention and risk management services, setting a precedent for a more efficient approach to exposure management within the industry.

Overall, the collaboration between Insurwave and Inigo signifies a strategic move towards leveraging advanced technology and industry expertise to enhance risk monitoring and management in the aviation insurance sector. The partnership aims to drive innovation, real-time insights, and proactive risk prevention services for clients in the industry.


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