Insurwave drives insights into aviation war exposures with groundbreaking technology.

March 16, 2024
1 min read


  • Insurwave partners with Inigo to provide real-time exposure monitoring for aviation war risks
  • Insurwave’s technology allows for live location tracking of assets and monitoring of events around the world

Insurwave, a leading InsurTech company, has partnered with Inigo to bring real-time exposure monitoring of aviation war risks to Lloyd’s of London insurer’s portfolio. This partnership allows Inigo to use Insurwave’s technology to track assets on an interactive risk map and receive alerts on events as they happen globally. This real-time data tracking sets a new standard for exposure management in the insurance industry, with the potential to incorporate AI and analytics for risk prevention support.

Inigo, a UK-based insurance company, will benefit from Insurwave’s platform by gaining precise information for pricing and live tracking of fleets. The collaboration aims to enhance Inigo’s exposure management capabilities and provide insights for proactive loss prevention and risk management services. Both companies look forward to exploring new opportunities and advancements in the insurance industry through this partnership.

Insurwave’s chief strategy officer, Richard Archer, highlighted the importance of understanding exposure and maintaining real-time aggregations in the aviation insurance market. This partnership with Inigo will allow for the extension of real-time data tracking and the development of new insights for risk management services. The collaboration between Insurwave and Inigo showcases the innovation and potential for growth in the InsurTech sector.

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