Introducing DigitalOwl: Your go-to insurtech solution.

March 21, 2024
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  • Yuval Man and his brother Amit founded DigitalOwl after realizing the potential for AI in automating medical review tasks for personal injury claims in the insurance industry
  • DigitalOwl utilizes proprietary AI technologies to extract and summarize medical data from source documents, providing a comprehensive overview for underwriters and claims adjusters

One night during a family dinner, Yuval Man, a former lawyer, discussed with his brother Amit the idea of using machines to automate medical review tasks for personal injury claims. This conversation led to the founding of DigitalOwl, a company that specializes in utilizing AI technologies to streamline the process of reviewing medical records for the insurance industry. The company initially focused on legal automation but later recognized the broader applications in insurance.

DigitalOwl has partnerships with Reinsurance Group of America and Nationwide, and their technology mines medical information to extract data and generate full medical stories or summaries from source documents. The company’s proprietary AI technologies include an entity extraction engine that uses natural language processing to enhance extracted data points with medical knowledge, and a large language model specifically trained for medical and insurance use cases.

Yuval Man emphasizes that the technology is not meant to replace humans but to act as a copilot, assisting underwriters and claims adjusters in their work. The summarization and compilation of information by DigitalOwl’s technology remove 80% of repetitive work, allowing professionals to focus on the more nuanced aspects of their job. The company’s vision is to leverage advancements in AI, such as Gen AI, to create tools that provide intelligent support to insurance professionals.

Yuval highlights that the technology addresses the black box issue by making all information clickable, allowing users to trace back to the source document. This transparency and usability are key factors in ensuring trust and efficiency in the AI-driven processes. DigitalOwl’s approach combines technology with the expertise of a large team of medical professionals, underwriters, and claims adjusters to deliver comprehensive and reliable medical summaries for insurance purposes.

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