Introducing Twin Maples Specialty – Starr Insurance’s new wholesale division.

March 19, 2024
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  • Starr Insurance has introduced a new division, Twin Maples Specialty, to cater to the wholesale market.
  • The division, led by Bob Gadaleta, focuses on providing casualty solutions for wholesalers and their clients.

Starr Insurance, a prominent player in the insurance industry, has expanded its offerings with the introduction of the Twin Maples Specialty division. This new division is dedicated to serving the unique needs of the wholesale market and aims to revolutionize the wholesale insurance market by providing a comprehensive range of casualty solutions. Led by industry veteran Bob Gadaleta, Twin Maples Specialty brings over 29 years of experience in underwriting and field sales leadership to the table. With a specific focus on the middle market and small business segments, the division aims to deliver value-added products and client-focused solutions through its wholesale channel underwriting team.

Starr Insurance president, Steve Blakey, emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering solutions for all trading partners, recognizing the distinct needs of wholesale and retail brokerages. The establishment of Twin Maples Specialty reflects Starr Insurance’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, positioning itself as a trusted partner in the insurance market.

This strategic move by Starr Insurance highlights the importance of addressing the unique needs of different market segments and the value of specialized divisions in catering to specific industry requirements. The focus on providing tailored casualty solutions for wholesalers and their clients underscores the company’s commitment to meeting diverse customer needs and driving innovation in the insurance sector.

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