McKesson tech connects care providers, insurers, pharmacists to affordable treatments.

April 30, 2024
1 min read


  • McKesson’s technology helps connect patients to affordable and accessible treatments.
  • The company provides systems and mechanisms to equip care providers, insurance companies, and pharmacists with clinical and financial information.

Key Elements:

In 2019, McKesson filled 4.22 billion Rx prescriptions in the U.S. The process involves multiple players and technologies. McKesson’s technology helps in:

  1. Navigating prior authorization: Simplifying the approval process for medications through electronic systems like CoverMyMeds.
  2. Ensuring specialty drugs are handled with care: Advanced distribution technology maintains the safety and efficacy of specialty drugs.
  3. Breaking down affordability barriers: Technology helps address affordability issues at the point of prescribing.
  4. Giving patients the power to choose: Consumer-facing platforms let patients compare drug prices and choose where to get them filled.
  5. Achieving medication adherence: Adherence technology helps pharmacists track patients’ prescription pickups and refills to improve adherence rates.

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