More than 70% of drivers uneasy about tech in cars.

January 18, 2024
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  • A recent survey has found that 72% of drivers are uncomfortable with automakers sharing their data with third parties.
  • This lack of trust in tech in cars could hinder the development and adoption of autonomous and connected vehicles.

A new survey has revealed that the majority of drivers are not comfortable with the idea of automakers sharing their data with third parties. The survey, conducted by an unnamed research firm, found that 72% of drivers expressed discomfort with the idea of their driving data being shared with outside entities.

This lack of trust in technology in cars could pose a challenge for the development and widespread adoption of autonomous and connected vehicles. These vehicles rely heavily on advanced technology and data collection to function, and the reluctance of drivers to embrace this technology could slow down progress in the industry.

Automakers and technology companies have long been working on integrating various technologies into cars to improve safety, efficiency, and convenience. Features such as GPS navigation, voice recognition, and collision avoidance systems have become common in many vehicles. However, the increasing complexity of these technologies, as well as concerns about data privacy and security, has created some skepticism among consumers.

The survey also found that 65% of the drivers surveyed were worried about the risk of their personal data being hacked or misused. With the increasing connectivity of vehicles, there is a growing concern about the vulnerability of the data collected by these cars and the potential for unauthorized access.

Furthermore, 58% of the respondents expressed concerns about the potential for their driving habits to be monitored and shared with third parties. This raises questions about privacy and the ethical use of personal data.

Addressing these concerns and building trust among consumers will be crucial for the future success of autonomous and connected vehicles. Automakers and technology companies will need to prioritize data security and privacy, as well as educate consumers about the benefits and safeguards in place.

Overall, the survey highlights the need for automakers and technology companies to bridge the gap between consumer concerns and the potential benefits of advanced technology in cars. Building trust and ensuring the security and privacy of user data will be key to driving the widespread adoption of autonomous and connected vehicles.

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