Mulberri and Acronis team up to provide cyber insurance.

April 27, 2024
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Mulberri, an AI-driven insurance platform, partners with Acronis to offer embedded cyber insurance to US small and medium-sized businesses. The partnership aims to simplify access to cyber insurance for SMBs by integrating it into the Acronis platform, providing $250,000 and $500,000 policy limits with fixed premiums, approved by state insurance authorities.

Key Points:

  • Mulberri and Acronis collaborate to offer Cyber Insurance to US SMBs
  • The partnership aims to streamline the process of obtaining cyber insurance for SMBs
  • Mulberri’s Cyber Insurance is embedded within the Acronis platform with fixed premiums and regulated coverage
  • Acronis customers can opt-in for Mulberri’s embedded Cyber Insurance directly through the platform
  • Mulberri plans to explore further innovations in embedded insurance for SMBs

Full Article:

Mulberri, an AI-driven insurance platform, has announced a partnership with Acronis to offer their Cyber Insurance to Acronis’ small and medium-sized business customers in the US. The collaboration aims to streamline access to cyber insurance for SMBs, addressing the challenges faced in the cyber insurance market, including complex underwriting processes and cumbersome enrollment steps. Mulberri’s Cyber Insurance, now embedded within the Acronis platform, offers AM Best-rated coverage with $250,000 and $500,000 policy limits and fixed premiums, approved and regulated by state insurance authorities. This initiative represents a significant step forward in providing affordable and accessible cyber insurance solutions tailored to the needs of SMBs.

Through this partnership, Acronis customers can opt-in for Mulberri’s embedded Cyber Insurance directly through the Acronis platform. This seamless integration enables SMBs to obtain cyber insurance coverage within minutes, complementing Acronis’ cybersecurity, data protection, and endpoint management solutions. Hamesh Chawla, co-founder and CEO at Mulberri, stated, “Our embedded partners are used to having to think twice about selling cyber insurance to SMBs as it slows down the sales process with questions and due diligence. We have removed these barriers and lowered the policy limit, creating an entry-level program meant to provide cyber insurance coverage to businesses that have not had it in the past. We are thrilled to contribute to SMBs having peace of mind that they are covered against increasingly common cyber-attacks that can have catastrophic consequences on their businesses.”

In addition to cyber insurance, Mulberri is exploring further innovations in embedded insurance, seeking to provide simple and frictionless insurance and risk management solutions for SMBs. This partnership between Mulberri and Acronis represents a positive step towards enhancing cybersecurity and risk management for SMBs in the US market.

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