Nationwide and DigitalOwl team up for Progressive Fleet insurtech rebrand

February 20, 2024
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Key Points:

  • Nationwide partners with DigitalOwl to streamline life insurance underwriting using AI technology.
  • Protective Insurance rebrands as Progressive Fleet & Specialty Programs after being acquired by Progressive.

Nationwide partners with DigitalOwl; Progressive Fleet rebrand: Insurtech news

Nationwide has partnered with DigitalOwl to streamline life insurance underwriting. The DigitalOwl platform uses AI technology to transform large amounts of medical data into organized summaries, allowing underwriters to focus more on critical information rather than administrative work. This partnership aligns with Nationwide’s commitment to digitalization and automation in the life underwriting process.

Protective Insurance has rebranded as Progressive Fleet & Specialty Programs following its acquisition by Progressive. The name change aims to better promote the full suite of capabilities in the transportation market for agents and customers.

Acrisure has launched a new aerospace division led by managing partner Jason Riley to better serve clients in the complex aerospace industry. The expansion of Sertis into 32 states in the U.S. with advanced technology to provide competitively priced coverage for property owners is a significant stride in revolutionizing multi-family insurance.

VIU by HUB, an omnichannel insurance brokerage platform, has partnered with HoneyQuote to expand carrier options for Florida homeowners facing challenges in obtaining coverage. This collaboration aims to help mitigate the insurance protection gap in the Florida market.


The partnership between Nationwide and DigitalOwl, the rebranding of Protective Insurance, and the advancements in aerospace insurance and multi-family insurance are key highlights in the insurtech industry. These developments showcase the use of AI technology, strategic partnerships, and innovative solutions to address challenges in the insurance market.

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