Novidea and Atlantic Global Risk team up to revolutionize insurance.

March 5, 2024
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  • Atlantic Global Risk partners with Novidea to improve insurance management
  • Novidea’s platform replaces multiple applications to streamline processes and provide better data access

In a groundbreaking move, Atlantic Global Risk, a specialty insurance broker, has joined forces with Novidea, a cloud-based insurance management platform, to revolutionize insurance management. This collaboration aims to replace multiple disparate applications with Novidea’s single, end-to-end solution, eliminating data silos and improving operational efficiency for Atlantic Global Risk.

Previously, Atlantic Global Risk struggled with multiple applications for different operational needs, leading to inefficiencies and data fragmentation across departments. Novidea’s intelligent platform, tailored specifically for the insurance industry, offers seamless integration of front, middle, and back-office processes, enabling companies like Atlantic to scale operations effectively and provide a comprehensive view of customer and operational data.

By dismantling information silos, Atlantic Global Risk has gained enhanced visibility and access to quality data, empowering its workforce to streamline processes and elevate client service levels. Eric Ayala, Managing Director of Americas for Novidea, emphasized the importance of integrated technology solutions in driving efficiencies and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Novidea’s selection by Atlantic Global Risk showcases a shared commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and providing a world-class customer experience. The platform’s capabilities and benefits will be highlighted at upcoming industry events, underscoring its value to the insurance sector.

With this strategic partnership, Atlantic Global Risk is poised to transform its insurance management processes and leverage cutting-edge technology to stay competitive in the ever-evolving insurance industry landscape.

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