Partnership deepened for fast-track AI adoption in insurance with CLARA Analytics and Origami Risk.

May 12, 2024
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  • CLARA Analytics and Origami Risk deepen partnership to fast-track AI adoption in the insurance industry.
  • Integration between products aims to offer a seamless solution to help self-insurers, brokers, and carriers reduce costs and accelerate AI adoption.

Full Article:

CLARA Analytics, a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technology for insurance claims optimization, has announced an expansion of its partnership with Origami Risk. The collaboration aims to deepen the integration between their products and align their operations to offer a seamless solution to help self-insurers, brokers, and carriers reduce costs and accelerate AI adoption.

The move enables the seamless integration of CLARA Analytics’ and Origami Risk’s products, providing risk managers and adjusters with valuable insights, case summaries, and relevant information. This integration allows for the ingestion of both structured and unstructured data for each claim, enhancing the capabilities of CLARA’s AI platform.

Existing Origami customers can quickly integrate CLARA Analytics’ solutions into their operations, bypassing cumbersome onboarding tasks. CLARA offers a streamlined setup process, including data gathering and cleansing, to shorten the time to positive ROI. Additionally, the companies are providing preferred pricing for clients, making the CLARA platform even more appealing.

Earl Bentley, President of Risk Solutions at Origami, emphasized the importance of the partnership in facilitating the rapid rollout of a secure and compliant AI platform. He stated, “Risk management and claims professionals understand that they need to embrace AI. But they’re understandably concerned about security and compliance. Our partnership with CLARA offers a path for the rapid rollout of a proven, secure, compliant AI platform that delivers immediate benefits. Clients are also getting preferred pricing, which makes the CLARA platform even more attractive.”

CLARA CEO Heather H. Wilson added, “We’re excited to be showcasing this new offering at RIMS. Both of our companies are intensely focused on customer satisfaction and measurable ROI. We understand the problem domain because our people have decades of experience in claims and risk management. By combining the complementary capabilities of our two companies, we can deliver even more value across a broader spectrum of stakeholders. The result is dramatically faster adoption of AI, with massive ROI in the first year. We see this as a big win for our mutual customers.”

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