Qover revolutionizes insurance claims process with AI technology.

July 2, 2024
1 min read


  • Qover launches AI-enabled solution to streamline insurance claims experience.
  • The platform uses AI and automation to settle claims within minutes of approval.

Key Elements:

Qover, a leading InsurTech, has launched an AI-enabled solution to streamline the claims experience in the insurance industry. The innovative platform aims to settle claims within minutes of approval, addressing a primary pain point in the sector. The modular platform expedites the entire claims process for users, utilizing AI and automation at key stages. The new solution enhances the claims process by providing instant answers and self-service options through AI-powered customer care tools like GenAI chatbots. Additionally, advanced data extraction technologies streamline manual review processes, ensuring quick decisions and pre-filled information for users. Qover also automates claims reimbursements to provide faster payouts, reducing financial strain for claimants.

The company’s CEO, Quentin Colmant, emphasizes the integration of AI to achieve transformative goals in handling claims. Qover’s Chief Customer Officer, Ed Ackerman, highlights the stress-free and intuitive nature of the new claims experience for policyholders. The AI initiatives of Qover comply with EU AI Act principles and ISO27001 standards, ensuring robustness, safety, security, and human oversight and control.

Overall, Qover’s AI-enabled solution sets a new standard in the insurance industry for user experience and operational efficiency, revolutionizing the claims journey and settlement speed.

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