Qraft Tech teams up with Hana Life for AI life insurance.

February 19, 2024
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Qraft Technologies Expands Partnership with Hana Life – Summary


  • Qraft Technologies and Hana Life partner to offer AI-powered variable life insurance products
  • Three new funds launched: AI US Equity Fund, AI US Bond Fund, AI Global All-Weather Multi-Asset Fund

Qraft Technologies, a leading invest-tech company, has expanded its partnership with Hana Life to become the world’s first life insurance company to deliver a full lineup of AI-powered variable life insurance products. The new funds, developed in partnership with Hana Life, include the AI US Equity Fund, AI US Bond Fund, and AI Global All-Weather Multi-Asset Fund. These funds leverage Qraft’s proprietary AI models to analyze vast amounts of financial market data and proactively manage risks. The AI US Equity Fund adjusts allocation based on the model’s outlook for downside risks in the US equity market, while the AI US Bond Fund aims to achieve stable bond returns. The AI Global All-Weather Multi-Asset Fund adjusts risk allocation based on macro market regime changes.

This partnership builds on previous successful collaborations between Qraft and Hana Life, resulting in six AI-powered funds under the Hana Life Variable Life Insurance Series. Qraft Technologies is dedicated to driving growth in the asset management industry through its AI innovations, offering solutions for security selection, asset allocation, robo-advisory, and AI order-execution. The company received a significant investment from SoftBank Group in 2022 to accelerate AI adoption in asset management. The collaboration between Qraft Technologies and Hana Life showcases the potential of AI in managing market risks and providing stable returns for investors.

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