Sure’s new launch revolutionizes insurance industry, liberating from legacy vendors.

February 21, 2024
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  • Sure has launched Anywhere Insurance to disrupt the insurance industry and lessen reliance on legacy vendors
  • The offering streamlines the process of launching modern insurance programs by reducing time to market, launch and operating costs, and enhancing the customer experience

Sure, a prominent insurance technology provider, has introduced Anywhere Insurance, a revolutionary offering aimed at freeing the insurance sector from legacy vendors and rate service organizations. This novel solution addresses the challenges posed by traditional vendors by simplifying the launch of modern insurance programs. Anywhere Insurance offers customizable, go-to-market-ready insurance products along with cutting-edge SaaS technology and APIs to expedite launch timelines, minimize costs, and transform customer experiences.

Anywhere Insurance provides carriers, MGAs, and global brands with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in launching insurance products. It accelerates launch timelines, offers pre-configured products, forms, rates, and rules, and eliminates the friction often associated with traditional insurance program launches. This turnkey, technology-driven approach reshapes how insurance programs are built and launched in the digital age, ultimately revolutionizing the industry’s landscape.

Wayne Slavin, the co-founder and CEO of Sure, highlighted the benefits of Anywhere Insurance by stating that it tackles the fundamental challenges in the insurance arena by significantly reducing time to market, launch and operating costs. The offering represents one of Sure’s most ambitious undertakings yet and aims to provide a unique, technology-driven alternative to traditional insurance program launches.

By enabling a more efficient, customizable, and customer-centric approach to launching insurance programs, Anywhere Insurance is poised to disrupt the current landscape dominated by legacy vendors and bring about a new era of innovation and efficiency in the insurance industry.

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