Swedbank partners with Akur8 to enhance insurance pricing strategy.

March 11, 2024
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  • Swedbank has selected Akur8’s insurance pricing platform to enhance its pricing process.
  • Akur8’s solution empowers pricing teams to make better decisions faster through transparent AI technology.

Swedbank’s collaboration with Akur8 comes at a time when the insurance industry is undergoing significant transformation. The platform aims to revolutionize traditional insurance processes, optimize pricing strategies, and improve overall efficiency.

Swedbank Selects Akur8 to Strengthen its Insurance Pricing Process

Akur8, a next-generation insurance pricing solution powered by Transparent AI, announced that Swedbank has chosen its pricing platform to enhance its insurance pricing process. By leveraging Akur8’s cloud-based, fully integrated platform, Swedbank aims to streamline its insurance pricing process, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and an improved customer experience.

Key highlights of the collaboration include:

  • Akur8’s solution empowers pricing teams to automate risk modeling using proprietary transparent machine learning technology, leading to increased predictive performance, speed-to-accuracy, and market reactivity.
  • Swedbank was impressed with Akur8’s suite of functionalities, which align with their development plan and enable them to improve efficiency in their modeling process.
  • Akur8 is dedicated to fostering a strong and collaborative partnership with Swedbank, focusing on customer support and the development of new functionalities.

Overall, the partnership between Swedbank and Akur8 signifies a step towards pricing sophistication in the insurance industry, with a commitment to transparency, efficiency, and improved customer service. The collaboration aims to further strengthen Akur8’s presence in the Baltics and drive innovation in insurance pricing processes.

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