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July 10, 2024
2 mins read

How Technology is Transforming the Insurance Sector


Key points:

  • Insurance industry is undergoing transformation thanks to technology
  • AI, blockchain, big data, and machine learning are revolutionizing processes in the sector

How technology is transforming the insurance sector

Imagine filing an insurance claim from your phone, tracking its progress, and resolving everything within days. The insurance industry, once known for its slow and outdated processes, is undergoing a significant transformation thanks to rapid advancements in technology and innovative tech-driven solutions. Global IT business products provider Comarch opened up on how technology is transforming the InsurTech realm, and how it is driving unprecedented advancements throughout the industry. Once seen as an option, technology has quickly become the lifeblood of the insurance industry. Insurance companies are revolutionizing their operations with various InsurTech solutions like artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain to enhance processes and customer experiences. For instance, blockchain is employed to manage customer data more efficiently, simplifying identity management and verification. If you’ve ever interacted with a live chat on an insurance company’s website, that was likely an AI-enabled chatbot assisting you. Moreover, big data plays a crucial role in estimating and analysing risks, making the underwriting process more efficient and accurate. With access to vast amounts of data, insurance companies can predict future trends and offer more customised solutions to customers. Machine learning also aids in analysing risk patterns and forecasting future trends, significantly benefiting customers. The insurance industry is experiencing transformative changes driven by advanced technologies, particularly in InsurTech. A key area of innovation is auto insurance, where technologies like telematics and data analytics enable insurers to offer usage-based insurance, personalised premiums, and improved risk assessments. These innovations enhance customer experiences, optimise underwriting processes, and are reshaping how insurance is perceived and utilised. As insurers continue leveraging technology, the sector is evolving rapidly, becoming more efficient, customer-centric, and digitally integrated. Traditional claims management, which once involved lengthy processes and extensive paperwork, has been replaced by tech-savvy solutions facilitated through online platforms. As technology develops further, the insurance value chain is also being reinvented, affecting underwriting, risk assessment, and the development of new products and services. This trend is being driven by startups who are using technology to drive this rapid progress. These companies bring significant expertise, transforming the sector and providing traditional insurers with valuable lessons to gain a competitive edge.

The role of AI

In the insurance world, as in any other, AI is beginning to reign as the dominant force. Long gone are the days where it was simply written off as a buzzword and considered overhyped. Sector specifically, AI and machine learning can analyse data and derive insights faster than humans, making them invaluable for underwriting, fraud detection, and cybersecurity. AI can predict risks, offer risk management solutions, and identify fraudulent activities by analysing historical data and patterns in minutes, a task that would take humans much longer. With the development of AI-enabled chatbots, incumbents can now also provide instant, round-the-clock customer support, freeing up manpower for other functions. These AI algorithms predict risks by studying historical data and comparing it to real-time trends, enhancing risk management and fraud detection.

Embracing the future with Comarch

Comarch is a company making significant strides in the industry. The concept of embedded insurance, which allows non-insurance companies to offer insurance policies at the point of sale, provides consumers with increased choice and cost efficiency. Comarch’s cutting-edge technology solutions help optimise insurers’ business processes, improve customer experience, and keep them ahead in a rapidly changing market. The firm also utilises automation tools to meet insurance clients’ needs, automating processes like document storage and policy compilation, making it the perfect partner to bolster your insurance operations.

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