Time for commercial property insurance to embrace tech efficiencies.

February 21, 2024
1 min read

Summary of Article


  • Commercial property insurance industry facing challenges with rising rates and limited capacity
  • Brokers and clients seeking new solutions through technology and digital transformation

Key Elements of the Article:

The commercial property insurance industry is currently facing challenges such as rising rates, limited capacity, and difficulty syndicating large programs. Brokers and clients are looking for new solutions to navigate these obstacles. Brokers are expanding their toolkits to help clients analyze and control their total cost of risk, optimize buying strategies, and proactively manage risks. Additionally, property owners are leveraging risk retention and mitigation strategies, such as captives and catastrophe bonds, to supplement or replace traditional insurance practices.

The article emphasizes the importance of the industry adopting technology and digital transformation to remain a viable solution for commercial property owners. Leading brokers are encouraged to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence, software, and data to unlock risk management challenges and provide new solutions for corporate clients. By establishing connected data networks and efficiently sourcing property exposure and risk data, brokers can make more proactive and analytically-driven risk management decisions. This data can also improve placement syndicates, source better insurance capacity for clients, and unlock alternative sources of risk capital.

Overall, the article highlights the need for the commercial property insurance industry to embrace technology and digital transformation to address current challenges and ensure continued success in the future. Brokers play a critical role in adopting tech solutions to improve risk management, enhance client outcomes, and establish a seamless property risk market.

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