Ting maker chats about smart home tech with CEO Whisker Labs

February 25, 2024
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Article Summary


  • Whisker Labs CEO, Bob Marshall, discusses smart home technology and how their product, Ting, prevents electrical fires.
  • Ting takes 30 million electrical measurements every second, uses machine learning and AI to detect problems, and partners with insurance companies to prevent home fires.


Bob Marshall, the co-founder and CEO of Whisker Labs, spoke with Digital Insurance about the innovative smart home technology they have developed, specifically their product called Ting. Ting is a plug-in device that monitors the electrical grid of a home by taking 30 million electrical measurements every second and using machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect potential problems. This technology has been successful in preventing electrical fires in homes, with about 15 homes being saved from potential fires every day.

Whisker Labs has partnered with several insurance companies, including State Farm, Nationwide, and Liberty Mutual, who provide the Ting device to their customers for free as a way to protect their homes and families. By detecting issues such as arcing and faults on the electrical grid, Ting is able to alert homeowners and the insurance companies to potential hazards, allowing for early intervention before a fire can start.

Marshall emphasizes the importance of a resilient electrical grid, especially in the face of climate change and the increasing complexity of the grid with the integration of renewable energy sources. He highlights the need for utilities to adopt a proactive approach to grid management, focusing on prediction and prevention rather than waiting for problems to occur.

In the future, Whisker Labs plans to leverage data and sensors to further enhance their predictive capabilities, allowing for more effective grid management and disaster prevention. Marshall believes that collaboration between insurance companies, homeowners, and utilities is essential in achieving a more resilient grid and reducing catastrophic losses.

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