Using tech to revolutionize executive risk insurance.

April 1, 2024
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Executive liability insurance has traditionally been complex and time-consuming to understand and sell, but emerging technologies are simplifying the process. Anzen Insurance, a technology-enabled wholesaler, is using technology to transform the purchase and make life easier for clients, brokers, and insurance carriers. By addressing pain points such as slow turnaround times, inconsistency of information, and the number of separate carriers, they have digitally transformed the process, resulting in faster quotes and easier binding.

Key Points:

  • Executive liability insurance historically difficult to understand and sell
  • Emerging technologies simplifying the process

Executive liability insurance — management, cyber and professional liability — has historically been difficult for buyers to understand and challenging for brokers to sell. From underwriting to quoting, coverages like D&O and EPLI policies traditionally have resided in complex and time-consuming processes, but emerging technologies are transforming and simplifying these critical lines of commercial insurance.

The executive risk liability market has seen huge swings in premiums and carrier appetite, often making it hard for brokers and clients to know what to expect and where the best options for their insurance programs are. Indeed, the Insurance Office of America has predicted that the ‘roller coaster ride of D&O rates may persist’ and the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (Big I) published a report in late 2023 stating, ‘The D&O market is dynamic and ever evolving, and independent agents involved in this segment should consider how they can continue to make sure customers have the insurance protection they need.’

All parties in executive liability insurance — insurers, brokers, and buyers – reference the slow and resource-heavy process of transacting these lines. It can take brokers two weeks to receive a quotation. This traditional experience has negative consequences for all: businesses may operate without adequate protection for their everyday risks, agents and brokers incur higher expenses, and underwriters miss opportunities to quote and bind more business.

Anzen Insurance is a technology-enabled wholesaler, specializing in executive risk, including D&O and employment practices liability, that is using technology to transform the purchase and make life easier for clients, brokers, and insurance carriers. When listening to brokers, clients and insurers, it was clear there were several areas where technology could be brought to bear to make the process simpler, more efficient and quicker.


The use of technology in executive liability insurance is streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and benefiting all parties involved. By addressing key pain points and leveraging technology, companies like Anzen Insurance are paving the way for a more efficient and transparent insurance purchasing experience.

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