Warren Buffett praises Tesla FSD potential, hints at investment.

May 14, 2024
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  • Warren Buffett mentioned Tesla’s FSD technology at the Berkshire annual meeting, stating it is good for society but bad for insurance companies.
  • Speculation suggests that Buffett may be gearing up to invest in Tesla due to the positive impact of FSD on safety.

Key Elements of the Article

Warren Buffett recently discussed Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology at the Berkshire annual meeting, highlighting its benefits for society and potential negative impact on insurance companies. He emphasized that if accidents reduce by 50%, it would be advantageous for society but detrimental to insurance companies.

Buffett’s previous remarks in 2014 about self-driving cars further indicate his interest in the potential of FSD to improve safety and decrease accidents significantly, which aligns with his goal of supporting societal well-being.

Tesla’s FSD technology has been rapidly advancing, with frequent updates and improvements. The current version, 12.3.6, showcases impressive capabilities, leading to positive user experiences and high levels of automation.

Speculation suggests that Buffett may consider investing in Tesla in the future, given the positive societal impact of FSD and the potential decline in profits for insurance companies as safety measures improve.

Overall, the article highlights Buffett’s recognition of Tesla’s FSD technology as a positive force for society, signaling a potential shift in investment strategies towards companies driving innovation and safety enhancements in the automotive industry.

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