YASSI joins Guidewire Insurtech Vanguards – innovative and impactful solutions.

April 2, 2024
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  • YASSI has been named to Guidewire’s Insurtech Vanguards Program.
  • YASSI provides real-time vehicle lienholder, registration, and title data.

Yotta Automated Software Solutions Inc. (YASSI) has joined Guidewire’s Insurtech Vanguards program to help insurers learn about the newest insurtechs and how to best leverage them. YASSI provides real-time vehicle data through a single API and web app, addressing challenges such as improving claims processing speeds, enhancing fraud detection, and streamlining underwriting. Being part of the Insurtech Vanguards program validates YASSI’s efforts and provides opportunities to refine its technology and contribute to shaping the future of insurance.

The program is a community of startups and technology providers bringing innovative solutions to the property and casualty industry. Guidewire provides strategic guidance to and advocates for the participating insurtech companies, connecting them with its P&C customers. YASSI’s approach to providing real-time vehicle data aligns with Guidewire’s mission to empower insurers with cutting-edge technology, streamlining operations and enhancing the overall experience for policyholders.

YASSI is the leading platform of record for the vehicle and driver ecosystem, offering services to insurance companies, financial institutions, vehicle dealers, and more. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, California, YASSI provides a single point API to access vehicle lien, title, registration, driver history, and more, utilizing high-level data security and the latest technology.

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