Zywave revolutionizes insurance distribution with Cyber Quoting platform launch.

April 29, 2024
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Key Elements of Zywave Article


Key Points:

  • Zywave launches Cyber Quoting platform to simplify insurance distribution processes
  • The platform connects global cyber insurers and U.S. distributors, streamlining data collection and offering valuable insights

Key Elements of Zywave Article

Zywave, a leading InsurTech provider, has introduced Cyber Quoting, a platform aimed at simplifying insurance distribution processes. This innovative solution addresses the growing demand for cyber insurance by connecting global cyber insurers and U.S. distributors. By streamlining data collection and offering valuable insights, Zywave aims to tackle the challenges associated with securing appropriate cyber insurance coverages in today’s digitized world. Eric Rentsch, Zywave’s Chief Product Officer, highlighted the importance of cyber insurance in risk mitigation plans for businesses of all sizes.

The Cyber Quoting platform collects input through a standardized questionnaire, reducing guesswork and increasing efficiency across the insurance distribution chain. The benefits of Cyber Quoting extend to both cyber insurers and distributors, offering expanded market access and a wider selection of coverage options. Rick Welsh, CEO of Killara Cyber, commended the platform for simplifying the process of finding, binding, and issuing cyber insurance coverage.

Zywave’s commitment to driving innovation in insurance distribution is evident through the launch of Cyber Quoting, which empowers customers with cutting-edge technology to enhance communication, maximize efficiency, and improve overall satisfaction. The platform enables insurers and distributors to accelerate distribution, develop new cyber insurance products, and adapt to the evolving market dynamics. The partnership between Zywave and Killara Cyber is a testament to the platform’s ability to expand distribution networks and make cyber insurance solutions more accessible.

In conclusion, Zywave’s Cyber Quoting platform represents a significant advancement in the insurance industry, providing a centralized solution to streamline the insurance distribution process, enhance market access, and simplify the selection of coverage options. By leveraging innovative technology, Zywave continues to be a key player in driving innovation and efficiency in the insurance sector.

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